About Us

Our customer-centric approach comes from understanding that our clients need more than technology professionals. We offer a strong team of experts in common and specialized skill areas of computer services. With automation, tools and intelligence, we find better ways for businesses to overcome their security challenges.

Through decades of experience with full IT risk and security assessments, we have learned that a small number of the security controls provide the greatest risk-reduction value.  We have developed outsourced Managed Security Services that provide cost-effective risk reduction to mid-market businesses. 

Our Team of Security Operations Analysts, Incident Responders, and Hunters are hard at work around the clock ensuring that your systems have the latest updates, are monitored for any sign of intrusion, and stand ready to respond and contain any security incident.

Discover why so many businesses are turning to Alert Cyber for the most advanced and reliable IT support and computer services. Our job is to protect your world. Contact us today, our dependable analysts and engineers are standing by to work as your partners in success.

Our Cyber-security Philosophy involves 3 primary tenets:

virus protection


Ensure all supported systems have the latest updates, patches, and configurations to reduce the risk of compromise. Perform regular external vulnerability scanning to ensure public-facing systems are free from vulnerabilities. Managed endpoint security from Alert helps keep your systems secure from all threats.

cyber security


Perform 24/7 monitoring of endpoint systems and networks through advanced log correlation and analysis. Unlike traditional firewall solutions, which only allow or block traffic based on a pre-defined rule, our network security services provide you with multiple layers of security designed to protect your entire network from the latest threats.

cyber security


We shut down external attackers and contain any security incident. Security and compliance both require more than endpoint and network security.  AlertShield Advanced services provides vulnerability management and log management that provide the utmost in visibility of all of your systems.  Our 24×7 security operations team investigates alarms raised based on our ongoing monitoring and tuning of security tools.