patch management

Patch Management – 3rd Party Apps

Hackers know that popular 3rd party applications such as java, flash, and adobe reader are installed on almost all user machines.  Therefore, they focus on the known vulnerabilities with these applications in order to break into your company’s network.  Imagine your co-workers browsing the Internet and downloading a .pdf document.  Harmless, right?  WRONG.  That pdf contains embedded code that will execute when opened and will exploit a known vulnerability with adobe reader that allows them to compromise your co-workers machine.  They don’t need to hack in through the firewall – your co-worker, along with an over-worked IT department that didn’t ensure all machines had the update – let them in.  Enter Alert IT – we follow the same methodical approach of patch management for over 32 third-party party applications – adobe reader, flash, java, chrome, firefox, iTunes, WinZip, etc.