Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – Healthcare providers and other third-party service providers that access EHR/PHI/EMR data, are charged with securing their Patients’ data which, if stolen or compromised, would result in legal costs, regulatory fines, reputational harm and loss of HIPAA reimbursement.  We have created turn-key HIPAA compliance solutions that address the 164.308 Administrative, 164.310 Physical, and 164.312 Technical safeguards required by HIPAA.  Beginning with an organizational risk assessment, our range of solutions allows you to obtain compliance in a prioritized approach that provides immediate risk reduction services while laying the groundwork for full compliance.

Assessment and Planning:

  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis to identify vulnerabilities and threats
  • Turn-key policy and procedure deliverables
  • Disaster recovery / contingency planning and execution
  • Encrypt hard drives so they can’t be accessed if the machine is lost or stolen
  • Perform external scans of your network to identify security issues
  • Conduct employee security awareness training
  • Physical security access controls

Continuous Monitoring and Management:

  • Perform 24/7 Monitoring and Response by our Security Operations Center
  • Install the latest updates for anti-virus and intrusion detection software
  • Install the latest Window Updates
  • Install the latest updates for Adobe Reader, Flash, Java, Chrome, Firefox
  • User access management
  • Web content filtering
  • Network intrusion detection