computer updates

Patch Management – OS

Your IT department is busy with computer updates, migrations, enhancements, and day-to-day operations.  Security is often the IT service that doesn’t get handled by over-worked IT Departments and the business has a false sense of security when they are in fact vulnerable.  We have developed cyber processes that allow us to work in concert with your IT department in a methodical manner to ensure that all of your devices are protected – without impacting your business critical projects on your IT Team’s list.

Instead of just blasting the patches out and risking system outages, network strain, and system slowness, we methodically pilot then roll out the system patches on a schedule determined by the people who know your systems the most – your IT Team.  All OS patches will be initially piloted on a select group of machines identified by the client.  If no issues exist with the patched pilot machines, the patches will be approved and deployed to groups of machines in order to limit the impact of patching on the systems and network.  We will ensure that all machines receive the updates and will follow up and ensure that any failed patches are installed on all machines.  All Security and Critical Windows patches will be applied to all systems within 60 days of release.